This site is back under new management and a more sharply defined goal.

With the changes in sexual attitudes and behaviors today, we feel this information is more relevant than ever.

What is now the ModernDirections / VarietalSex site was started a number of years ago by two women doctors (PhDs).

As a fellow professional I learned from clients that the site had helped them with personal and relationship problems.

I didn't want to see years of groundbreaking work on the site lost, so I took over the project.

Like my predecessors, I place love and marital responsibility ahead of sexual exclusivity.

This may seem like a radical statement until you look at recent facts.

We are now living in an era where premarital sex is the norm and extramarital sex is far more common than reported.

We are also living in an era where research shows that sexual expectations and behaviors, especially among young women, are being strongly influenced by porno.

In choosing the files for this site, we tried to pick letters and articles that cover a variety of sexual experiences and concerns. 

This file more fully explains this site's new focus, and Overdue Sexual Emancipation explains the major forces behind it.  

- Dr. David Weston

 Note: This page will regularly change as additions and corrections are made.

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Selected From Hundreds of Letters*

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How to Keep Your Husband
Just Like in the Porn Picture
Getting Her Started
My Wife "Entertains" Businessmen

 Afterwards, Things Are Never the Same
High School Cell Phone Sex Videos
Sexpionage (a short history)
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  A Moral Disconnect?
Who Got You There?
> Watching My Wife With Another Man
The "Poisoned Well" Syndrome
The Problem of Allogynia
Letter From Iraq: Men Are After My Wife

Repression Creates Obsession
Curing Depression
 My Wife Reinvents Herself
 My Most Difficult Life Lesson
Notes From a Black Bull

Now, I'm Pretty Much a Mess!
A Wife's Thank You Note
Becoming a Very Sexually Satisfied Housewife
My Husband's Affairs

Anal Sex

Women Are Not Sex Objects!
Erotic Humiliation

Short Shower Scene
Bondage -  A Case Study
She Wanted Me to Make Her Do It
My Wife Spends a  Weekend With the Guys

Borrowing a Wife For a Vacation
A One-Night (Roadside) Stand
"We'll Be Back, Bitch"
High School Cell Phone Sex Videos

 Sexting and a Preacher
It Gets Easy After a While
The Ultimate Bottom Line (Irreverent Reverend)
Aspiring Slut Wife

This Is Crazy!

The Origin of the Sex Goddess Image

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* The original sites had hundreds of letters.  The criteria for what we've thus far selected is here.

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