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Turning My Wife

Into a Prostitute

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"This one time when we argued -- which we didn't do often -- she angrily said, "You made me into a prostitute, and I'm doing this for you. "

Dr. Cherry Lee,

      >>   I met Charlotte when I was in college. She was well known among the guys as being "easy." They said she was great in bed so she had a lot of dates. I went out with her and found it was true (on the very first date).

But after I went out with her a few times, Charlotte wanted to get serious. The sex was good, and there was no one else in my life at the time, so I kept going out with her. At the time I figured maybe that was maybe a mistake because after a while we started to love each other.

Even so, I didn't think she was the right type for me, so I set Charlotte up with some of my male friends, hoping maybe she would fall for one of them.  She asked me why I would do that. I didn't want to tell her I was trying to get rid of her, so I said, "You are great in bed and I don't like to keep you all to myself."  Lame, maybe, but it's all I could think of without hurting her feelings.

Then this one guy started giving her money to regularly come over. He wanted sex, but he didn't want to get hung up on any one girl. He had a lot of money and he was headed for med school. 

So then I set her up with another guy with money, and he paid her too.  Now she was having sex with two guys for money.

I was having to work part time to survive and I was still not sure if I wanted to stay with her, so I encouraged it. But now she was paying for a lot of stuff and I was partly living off of her money. That still left her with free nights, so I eventually found another guy for her. By then she realized that with her "working" I could quit my job and devote my time to my studies. She encouraged me to do that, so I did.

After a while we moved in together, which saved even more money. That was a kind of irreversible step in our relationship.

      >>   After a few years I went onto grad school, something I didn't ever think I could afford.  This one time when we argued -- which we didn't do often -- she angrily said, "You made me into a prostitute, and I'm doing this for you."

Although I should have been angry -- after all we were having a fight -- I suddenly realized Charlotte was right and how much she loved me. At this point I owed everything I was doing to her. I was overcome with all this and I put my arms around her and cried and said for the first time, "I love you."  That seemed to make her the happiest person in the world.


It was about then that one of the guys she had been seeing proposed to her.  He had a lot of money and suddenly, I was facing the possibility of losing her. It was then that I realized how much I loved Charlotte. I proposed to her too and she immediately accepted.  We got married, but she didn't tell the guys she was sleeping with. Even our respective parents didn't know.

But, of course we had to meet them.  I was afraid that my parents wouldn't like Charlotte, but I was wrong.  I found I got along with her mother too (her father was not in the picture anymore). I had been putting all this off for nothing.

It was only then that we announced to our parents that we had a quick marriage.

      >>   Now, I have my Ph.D. and have a good job and she wouldn't have to work anymore. However, with nothing to do, Charlotte started visiting an up-scale lounge with a female friend.  A man offered money for sex She refused, but she told me and asked me how I felt about it. It was like she had wanted to do it, but not unless I approved.

I had gotten used to her sleeping with other men, and that didn't seem like a big move, so I said it was okay. One thing led to another and before long she was regularly seeing men.

Sometimes I would go with her to a lounge and watch her pick up a man. Afterwards, I would ask her all about it, which is something I never did before.

When I watch her in action, I'm amazed at how she can come onto a guy with big smiles and all and soon head out the door with him for a motel. There's a strange excitement for me in thinking of my wife as a prostitute.

To that point all of the guys had been white, but I started thinking of her with a black guy, so I took her to a sports bar where there were a lot of black men. She had never been with a black man, but she picked out a guy who she was attracted to and spent the whole night with him.

Before long, she started preferring black men because most of the ones that were into sports were big, could go a long time, and could get her to climax. Black men liked her too because she had long red hair, very light skin and was very good in bed.

      >>   Then she forgot her birth control pills, or they got mixed up or something, and when a condom came off during sex she got pregnant by a black man. 

Although we had agreed on adoption, when the baby arrived it was a little girl with straight hair and medium-light skin and she didn't want to give it up.  I agreed.  Her genetic father doesn't know he had a daughter with my wife. That little girl quickly became the the light of my whole life -- both of our lives.

Since having the baby my wife has gone back to prostitution, but only right now only with two special clients because I told her she needs to be home with our little girl.

You could say we have a real family now and we talked about about having a child of our own. However, there could be some genetic problems in my family background, and since our little girl turned out so perfect and my wife knows who the father is, we are also talking about her getting pregnant by him again.

      >>   Assuming all this it true -- and that would make you one of the most broadminded men I know -- this sounds a bit too perfect.

Has your wife ever been arrested? Do you worry about your little girl or later children finding out that their mother is/was a prostitute?

For medical reasons, if nothing else, you may have to tell them at some point that you aren't their biological father (if they don't figure it out themselves). That could opening up a real can of worms!

However, I like the fact that even under these conditions you consider yourself in "a real family."  Too many men (and women) destroy their marriages and their families when they discover a spouse has slept with someone else.

This also seems to prove that for marital love and a "real family" to exist there doesn't have to be sexual exclusivity.

Although it may surprise most people, (and before I'm reminded by some readers), some men adjust to wives are sleeping with other men -- and even that they are prostitutes. Even so, it introduces many issues that general society isn't ready to accept.



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